sexta-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2015


Hey everyone

I know I've been a bit lazy with the posts but that's going to change ;) that's a promese !

Today a bring to you a new review , this awesome sushi place in Porto...
Sushihana is a sushi and gin restaurant in Rua Professor Mota Pinto 138
4100-354 PORTO.

I've been planing to go there for quite some time and last week i did just that.

The experience was just sublime, a really smooth environment and great customer service and great food was what i found there.

I had their lunch menu with includes an entree ( soup or vegetable crepe), a 12 piece sushi main course and a desert.

The entree that i chose was the crepe and it was absolutely divine, perfect balance in textures with the crispy egg doe and the fresh vegetables and the richness of the seat and sour sauce and some shopped chives to top it of.
The balance in flavor was really good as well the bitterness of the veggies and the sweat and sower sauce create a really sublime contrast.

The main course was the 12 pieces of sushi with some sake nigiri (witch is my favorite piece of sushi), some hot rolls and some California maki

The sake nigiri was really fresh and what i like about this kind of sushi is the simplicity and the enhance of the product.

The hot roles was really good as well, the textures where just awesome with the crispiness of the nori creating a nice contrast with the salmon and the rich butter and sweat and sower sauce. just a really good take on hot roles, crispy goodness !

The California maki were the fun part of the dish where the chef gave us some takes on them.
I'm only going to talk about the most interesting witch was rolled up in egg. Is was unpredictably tasty and at first sight i thought it would be quite dry but i was wrong, it was really moist and full of flavor, great experience indeed!

For desert i had a lovely cheese cake with raspberry jam witch in my opinion was good however the jam was a bit to acid for me and overpowered the hole dish.

Overall it was a delightful experience and cant wait to go there again, over and over again :)

quarta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2015

Ferreirense... didn't age well!

hey everyone

Today sadly i bring a bad review :(
Ferreirense is a nice restaurant in Braga known by his typical Portuguese dishes. Despite the poor exterior look the inside is quite pleasant and has a good Portuguese feel to it.
I have been going there for many years now and i absolutely loved their Braga style codfish, however they have changed the recipe and sadly what was a fokin awesome dish is now only mediocre.
Well for those that don't know the dish let me try to explain it , its deep fried codfish with very little spices garnished with circular fried potatoes, sauteed greens and a mustard and egg sauce, its an easy dish to execute but the real difficulty is in that lovely creamy sauce, and that's where they mainly fucked up. the sauce was no creamy at all and the codfish was not cooked all the way thru it was basically disappointment in a plate!
They have other dishes that they are known for, such as papas de sarrabulho, rojões and others, but since i don't eat meat i wont be able to review them.

I guess i need to go find another place to eat this dish, any suggestions ?

Have a nice day and if you have a different opinion don't forget to comment ;)

sexta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2015

Brownie recipe in song

Hello everyone

Today i bring something a bit different.
There is a brownies recipe hidden in the song, can you find it? 
I hope you enjoy this post ;)
Have a nice weekend and don't forget to follow, comment and like ;)